Monday, January 6, 2014

The Greatest Gloves

To state the obvious, it's cold outside!

Here in Illinois, the temperature is in the negatives, and with the windchill the temperatures are reading -45 degrees. Absolutely crazy!

I encourage all of you to stay indoors, but if you absolutely must go outside, make sure to bundle up!
(Read: wear a hat, gloves, scarf, and boots!)

I never used to wear gloves or hats, because my time outside each day consisted of the two minute walk from my car to my high school building. Now that I'm in college, hats and gloves are a must! 20 minute walks from my dorm to the J-School must be accompanied by hats and gloves!

In honor of the bitterly cold temperatures and the #polarvortex, I've compiled some cute gloves (and a pair of mittens.) Stay warm AND stylish!

Stay warm, SCC readers!

Stay Stylish. Stay Classy. Be Creative.


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