Friday, October 17, 2014

Sister Style

It's been quite a while since I've been around S.C.C! I can't believe how fast this semester is flying by! It's definitely much busier than last, as I'm in a reporting class in the J-School that is rather challenging. AP Style, weekly news quizzes, and working on tight deadlines are all a part of the game, and it's caused several late nights. Overall, it's been a pretty good semester so far. Living in an apartment has taken a little bit of adjusting to, and I miss living so close to all my friends in a dorm. I'm still within walking distance of campus though, which is perfect!

I was organizing photos on my computer the other day, when I came across some shots I took while on our vacation to Quebec that I COMPLETELY forgot to post! I had my two sisters pose for some outfit shots, and I love how they turned out. I also made my sister Natalie play photographer and snap some shots of me as well. Take a look!

Natalie has some of the longest legs you've ever seen (she won best legs in high school, fun fact!) so she easily pulled off these flowy patterned pants. They were a TJ Maxx find, and I loved how she paired them with a simple tank top as to not detract from the pants. A great statement necklace balanced things out and tied in colors from the pants. I'm so happy for her, as she recently joined Delta Gamma at SLU. Now I have an excuse to buy her lots of anchor-themed accessories, decor, and apparel! 

Hannah looked stunning in this printed tunic dress from Mudpie, that she found at a boutique in St. Louis. Speaking of St. Louis, the dress is Billiken blue, which is only fitting since Hannah is a diehard SLU fan and aficionado. She worked as an admissions ambassador there over the summer, and talks about SLU every chance she gets. She's very involved and a great representative of the university. I've fondly nicknamed her "Billz." She paired the dress with navy jewelry and wore
anchor earrings (She's also in Delta Gamma at SLU.) 

This Trina Turk skirt is a Nordstrom Rack find from a few years ago, and I hadn't worn it in forever. My thrift shop statement necklace and tangerine Jack Rogers (stolen from my mom!) offered the perfect pops of orange to complement the skirt!


I've been lucky enough to see Hannah and Natalie the past two weekends as they've come to Columbia. The first weekend we went to a Ben Rector concert and did some shopping (it's not sister time without shopping.) Last weekend they came with my parents and brother and we went to the Georgia game (which I'd rather not talk about considering our performance.)

I'm headed to St. Louis for Halloween weekend, so we are currently trying to come up with a cute triplet costume idea. Let me know if you have any creative ideas! I'm excited to visit them in the city and see their apartments. I'll also be there in the audience that weekend as they get their white coats in a ceremony for nursing school. I'm so proud of the two of them! They are going to make fantastic nurses! 

I'm looking forward to winter break when we can spend even more quality time together before the two of them jet off to Spain to study abroad for the spring semester. I'm jealous! They are sure to have a blast and I will be visiting them over my spring break.

Love you Nug and Billz! Keep being amazing. I miss you.