Thursday, March 13, 2014


Nautical critter shorts and chinos have been around since the publishing of The Official Preppy Handbook back in the 80s. A staple in vacation spots like Nantucket and the Hamptons, it has only been recently that this nautical apparel has been made readily available to the average consumer.

Sure, J.Crew has rocked the critter short for as long as I can remember, and Vineyard Vines has always done well in the realm of nautical apparel.  However, more affordable retailers have really stepped up their nautical offerings this season. I couldn't have been happier when I started doing some virtual window shopping and found plenty of nautical clothing options for the spring and summer. J.Crew and VV are still at the top of the nautical game, but more affordable retailers like Forever 21, Old Navy, and Target have some really cute (and inexpensive!) nautical pieces as well. 

My mom brought a bunch of nautical pieces down to me when she visited a few weeks ago. (I don't have a car to go shopping, so she does the shopping and brings the clothes to me. Luckily she has great taste! Thanks Mom!) I'm in need of some nicer pieces for my internship this summer, and I found several options to "anchor" my office looks! 

I've compiled some of this season's cutest nautical offerings at a variety of price points. Enjoy!

Do you like nautical apparel?

Stay Stylish. Stay Classy. Be Creative. 

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