Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Motivation

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend! I spent mine outside: hiking, biking, and catching up on some reading by the pool. It's back to work today, but I already have plans for next weekend to look forward to.

Cure the Monday blues with these links I've found. They inspired me, and I hope they do the same for you. 

Have a great week, S.C.C. readers!

Tavi Gevinson, the style blogger behind Style Rookie, just turned 18 this month. Tavi is one of the first bloggers I followed, and I was always amazed at how sophisticated she was at such a young age. Ms. Gevinson has quite the resume, and she is only adding to that. She is taking a gap year before college to go to New York and perform on Broadway. The New York Times put together a feature about the style blogger turned actress, chronicling how she has changed and matured over the years. A good read, especially if you've been following Tavi since the beginning.

I remember looking through Land's End catalogs with my mom when I was in elementary school. I would always circle what I liked, and occasionally my mom would let me pick out an item or two. Well, Land's End is back at it, and better than ever. Refinery 29 reports that the brand's stock is on the rise. The company has been rolling out some really cute designs at some really great prices. Have you seen there swimwear? Adorable! Take some time in the near future to fill that virtual shopping bag at 

I'm not a big TV watcher, as I didn't have a TV in my dorm room, so I don't always see the latest and greatest commercials. I do love a good commercial though, and I appreciate commercials even more now that I am interning in the advertising industry. This Verizon commercial is very well done and thought provoking, and will definitely make you think twice about how you treat girls. 

When it came to learning to swim, I was very stubborn. I would throw a tantrum at the side of the pool every time my mother tried to get me to participate in swim practice. At swimming lessons, I was always two levels behind my sisters. Perhaps I would have fared better in the aquatic realm if my mother had enrolled me in a Harvey Bennett swim class. This method involves dropping infants into swimming pools (under careful supervision of course) so they learn to breathe underwater, kick their feet, and flip over, so they would have better chance of survival should they fall into a pool. The New York Times did a story about the method, and it featured the most adorable photos of babies learning to swim. I can't say I would enroll my own child in one of these classes, but I sure did enjoy looking at the pictures.

Time Magazine and Sheryl Sandberg's Lean in collaborated for Father's Day to compile letters that noteworthy fathers wrote to their daughters. The fathers and daughters were a variety of ages, and it was interesting to read the stories and advice each dad shared. I couldn't be with my dad this Father's Day, but reading these letters helped me reflect on some of the life lessons my dad has taught me, and the many memories we have shared.

What's inspiring and motivating you on this Monday morning? Please share!

Stay Stylish. Stay Classy. Be Creative.


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