Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day(s)!

I looked at the forecast last Saturday and saw that snow was in the forecast for Columbia on Tuesday and Wednesday. I honestly didn't think much of it. On Monday, campus began to buzz with excitement as the weather worsened and reports of a terrible winter storm rolled in. Would Mizzou call a snow day? The official MU Twitter and Facebook pages said they would post a decision by 8 pm Monday night.

My friend Natasha and I were sitting on the fourth floor of the library studying and getting homework done, in preparation to go to classes the next day. I pulled up the MU Alert website at 8 pm to see if the weather announcement had been made. Nothing. I refreshed and refreshed and refreshed the page. Still nothing. Finally, at about 8:15, MU posted a decision. Classes had been cancelled.


Natasha and I silently celebrated (we were in the quiet section of the Lib) and went back to studying. We soon realized there was no reason for us to be in the library. We could do homework tomorrow. Right now, we had to take a break and celebrate.

We headed to the Mizzou Market on the south side of campus to buy some eggs to make cupcakes the next day. We got there and they were all out. This led us to trek back up North to go to the WalMart Express downtown. Completely out of our way, but completely worth it. We had eggs and plans to bake FunFetti cupcakes the next day.

On Tuesday, I let myself sleep until nine. I looked out my window, and sure enough the snowflakes were falling. I did a bit of homework until 11:00, when my roommate and I went to my friend Katie's room to eat some banana bread. Yum!

I met a few friends at the dining hall for lunch, and then came back to the dorm to start baking. We checked out the kitchen key and headed to the basement to make cupcakes. We also made snow ice cream, per my friend Katie's recommendation. Super delicious!

I spent the afternoon doing more homework, knowing that we would return to classes tomorrow. At about 5:00, I took a break to check my Twitter feed. The university had posted a news release saying that the campus would remain closed on Wednesday. SNOW DAY ROUND 2!

With that, I closed my Spanish textbook and made plans with my friends to meet for dinner and then head to the quad to play in the snow. After playing on the quad, we came back and a few of us watched "The Breakfast Club."

On Wednesday, I slept in again, woke up and did some homework, met some friends for lunch, and then got ready for an interview I had for a campus organization. I also went to the Rec to workout. It's a good thing we didn't have classes on Wednesday. Many of the sidewalks and streets on campus were barely cleared. 

College snow days are 10X better then high school snow days. The campus is your playground, you are surrounded by all your friends, and you don't have to drive in the yucky weather if you live on campus.

I had so much fun these past two days! 

Thanks for the snow days, MU! 

My Res Hall, Schurz, amidst the snow. (And a treacherous College Avenue)

My friend Katie with the sugar for the ice cream (We may or may not have taken packets from the dining hall)

Gathering fresh snow!

Snow Ice Cream!

Lauren, Ruth, Natasha, Katie, and I enjoying our ice cream

Funfetti cupcakes!

Trekking through the snow with Katie and Abby

A beautiful Jesse Hall amidst some flakes

The Columns

Lauren, Natasha, Aleyna and I on the Quad

Lauren and I, Patagonia twins!

Here's a great video an MU student made chronicling the snow day

Check out these pictures of campus on the MU News Bureau website

Here is some more coverage of a snow-covered Columbia from the Columbia Missourian

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    1. Thank you for your advice! Improving my blog is one of my ongoing efforts. I hope to roll out a new design this summer, and I am currently trying to figure out how to include the social media on the sidebar. Thanks for reading!