Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This past weekend, I made my first trip home since moving to Mizzou.
I originally had not planned on going home before Thanksgiving, but my friend Hanna was headed back home, so I decided to ride with her. I'm so glad I did!

The drive from Columbia to Bloomington was beautiful. The leaves had begun to change, and the combination of the rolling hills, limestone road cuts, and corn fields was a stunning sight. We drove through small Missouri towns, and there were several stands and farmers markets set up selling pumpkins and fall decorations. It was so festive, and a great time to just slow down and appreciate the beautiful world we live in. 

I got a bit nervous as we approached Bloomington. I hadn't been back to my house in two months, the longest I have ever been away. Would things be the same? Would it feel weird? All of these thoughts crossed my mind as we exited the interstate and drove into Bloomington.

As we drove to my house, I noticed some differences. A Taco Bell was being constructed a few blocks from where I live, and a new hotel was also being built. Other than that, it was the same old Bloomington I remembered. 

Pulling into my driveway was so exciting! My mom had the fall decorations in the yard, and the trees around our house had begun to change. My mom and dad came out into the driveway to welcome me. My mom even brought Chester, our Norwich Terrier, out to greet me. I was so excited to see that little guy!

I went inside the house to put my luggage in my room. My room seemed so bare. My bed seemed so low to the ground since my bed at school is lofted. Mail that was addressed to me sat on my desk, as well as leftover high school graduation announcements and my AP Scholar certificate. It was weird to see those objects, high school seems so long ago. I went to my bulletin board and found a list of goals I had written my senior year of high school. Very bizarre.

I went downstairs, where my mom had a delicious dinner waiting. She made one of my favorites, Italian Beef. It was so nice to be able to enjoy a dinner around the table with my family. That is one of the things I miss the most about being home. I also miss having access to fresh fruit. Although the food at Mizzou is very good, the fresh fruit is definitely lacking!

After dinner, we gathered in the family room and just relaxed and chatted. It was so enjoyable! I discussed the classes that I would take next semester with my parents, and we talked about what I was planning to do during the summer. After that, I played some board games with my little brother.

On Saturday, I took my brother to a few of his favorite (video game) stores, and I went to TJ Maxx. I don't have a car at school so I don't get to shop! We met Bertie, who was my nanny from the time I was six months old, for lunch. She is like a second mom to me, and it was so good to see her! That afternoon, I took my brother and one of his friends to a corn maze and pumpkin patch. It was the perfect fall day and I enjoyed spending time with my brother.

On Saturday night, my sister Hannah (who was home on fall break from SLU) and I, had some of our high school friends over. Our friend Timmy was home on fall break from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and we also invited some of our friends who are seniors in high school. It was so great to just sit and chat and see how everyone was doing.

On Sunday, my sister and my parents and I went to brunch at the country club (one of my absolute favorites!) I enjoyed the delicious food and having another meal with my family. 

We left to go back to Columbia around 2:00 on Sunday. I'll be the first to admit that leaving was hard. I love my new life at Mizzou, but I miss being together with all of my family, especially my sisters. I miss my dog. I miss the comforts of home that everyone takes for granted.

I'm so glad that I took a weekend to go back home. The past few weeks have been busy with midterms and projects, and going home was just the thing I needed. I'm recharged and ready to finish out the semester strong! Our Homecoming is this weekend, so I'm looking forward to all the events that come with it. 

I love my home in Bloomington.

I love my home at Mizzou.

Reunited with my favorite little guy, Chester

The perfect Fall weekend calls for Bean Boots

I took Christopher to his favorite video game store

Going to the corn maze with Christopher was a blast!

Early morning cuddling with Chester

After brunch at the CC. It was great to see one of my sisters! 

How was your first trip home from college? Did it feel weird? What are the comforts of home that you miss most?

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