Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break 2013

~I have been absent from the blogging world for a while. Between finalizing college decisions, planning graduation parties, and finishing the school year out, it's been pretty crazy. But, I'm back, and I am going to try to stay on top of things here on Stylish.Classy.Creative.~

Our school's spring break was last week. I was SO ready for a break! My family and I vacationed in Jupiter Island, FL. It's a quaint little area in South Florida on the Atlantic side. It is about 30 minutes north of Palm Beach. We stayed in a condo belonging to family friends, and also spent time with dear friends who are currently spending their winter in Jupiter. It was such a relaxing week, and I was so grateful to escape the cold and bleak weather of Illinois.

A typical day in Jupiter consisted of us waking up later (around 9:00), going for a walk on the beach or on the trail, doing a little bit of shopping, lying by the pool or at the beach, eating lunch at the condo, and going out to eat a later dinner. It was honestly SO relaxed, and after a hectic last couple of months it was just what we all needed!

My mom and my sister Hannah walking the trail one morning 

My little bro and I keeping cool in the pool 
(I'm wearing a J.Crew swimsuit from Spring '12, similar here)

From my Instagram : Delicious Sanibel Steamer clams at Guanabanas (I was in seafood heaven!)

We took a break from the pool to take a lovely hike at Jonathan Dickinson State Park

One of the nights that we were there, we drove down to Palm Beach to visit with some of our friends who were renting a house there. I was so excited to visit the birthplace of the Lilly Pulitzer brand. Although we didn't have time to stroll along the iconic Worth Avenue, simply being in Palm Beach was enough! (And you can bet my mom and I both wore our Lilly in Palm Beach. Outfit pictures to come!)

Speaking of Lilly Pulitzer, I embarked into Lilly Pultizer heaven last Tuesday. My mom and my sisters and I drove to The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens. What a beautiful mall! I had tons of fun window shopping at Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers, J.Crew, and the like, but the best part of the shopping trip was the Lilly Pulitzer Shop at Bloomingdale's. So bright and colorful, naturally, and they had just received the latest shipment of spring dresses. The salesgirl was so sweet, and she even took a picture of my sisters and I in our favorite Lilly looks for their Facebook page. Such a fun morning! I will be sharing my favorite spring Lilly pieces in an upcoming post.


Later in the week, we drove to Orlando. My little brother wanted to go to Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We drove up on a Wednesday night and stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. Wednesday was also my mom's birthday, so we celebrated with a dinner at the Palm Restaurant. Delicious!

After my mom's birthday dinner

On Thursday morning we woke up at 6 AM in order to get to the park early and beat the crowds! It was crazy riding the water taxi to the park in the moonlight, not to mention it was only about 40 degrees and I was in shorts! Waking up early was worth it through, because we made it to Harry Potter just in time to beat the crowds. There was absolutely no line for the quidditch ride in the castle, and the Hippogriff ride wasn't crowded either. Both were really cool rides and lots of fun! Seeing the reconstructed Hogsmeade in the moonlight was actually pretty awesome! We rode the HP rides, got a butter beer and had our picture taken in front of the Hogwarts Express all before 7:30 AM. Impressive.

We did a few other rides in the Islands of Adventures, but by noon we were tired of the crowds. We headed back south to Jupiter and warmer weather, but not before stopping at the outlet mall first. Seriously such an awesome outlet mall. If shopping is your thing and you are in Orlando, you must go!

I so enjoyed the time my family and I spent in Jupiter. It is probably the last Spring Break all six of us will go on together due to varying college spring breaks. From enjoying delicious seafood, laying by the pool, taking leisurely walks, and soaking in the sunshine, it was a great time. It was so hard to return to school yesterday. The senioritis has officially kicked in full force!

Have you had your spring break yet? Did you travel anywhere fun? If not, what did you do at home? Has anyone else traveled to Jupiter? Please let me know in the comments :)

Stay Stylish, Stay Classy, Be Creative


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