Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cooking with Kale

Moving into my first apartment at the beginning of this summer was an adjustment. From having to cook my own meals, to cleaning the apartment once a week, it's been interesting. I miss living right down the hall from all my best friends, but it's been nice to have a little more room to spread out compared to the dorms.

It's been a challenge to keep things interesting when it comes to cooking meals. I definitely eat quesadillas about 50% of the time because they are super easy to make. I've made an effort to branch out and try a few new recipes, though, and it's easier now that summer is in full swing and there is lots of fresh produce available.

I've explored the Farmer's Markets that Columbia has to offer, and in the process have discovered my new favorite green: kale. I'd had it once or twice before, but I really went crazy this time and bought two bunches of it because it was on a super sale at Lucky's Market (an awesome place, by the way.)

So, what's a girl to do with two bunches of kale?

Use it in a bunch of new recipes!

I made this delicious salad to bring to a friend's house for dinner and it was a hit! Strawberries and avocados are two of my favorites, and the almonds add a great texture. Instead of making the poppyseed dressing, I used Brianna's Rich Poppyseed Dressing that I had on hand. 

Since I had a sweet potato I needed to get rid of, as well as some garlic and onion, I tried out this dish. I didn't have any thyme on hand so I left that out. The roasted potatoes mix oh-so-well with the wilted kale. I added a little bit of feta on top for an extra touch.

After making the previous two recipes, I still had kale in my fridge. My roommate and I whipped up some of this hummus one Friday night. It's perfect on wheat thins and veggies. (Note: do not attempt to make this in a blender. We don't have a food processor at our apartment, so we went the blender route, and we had quite the time making the hummus!) If you don't have tahini on hand, some almond butter will do. 

These are a classic use for Kale, and oh-so-easy to make. I first tried these about a year ago at the home of a family friend. If you have some olive oil and sea salt on hand, you're all set! They make a great side dish or snack.

I had some squash from the farmer's market, so I decided to make this pizza. I used the Flatout pizza crust and it worked great! I also added a little bit of yellow pepper, pepperoni, and feta cheese to add flavor. 

Do you like kale? What are your favorite ways to eat it?

Stay Stylish. Stay Classy. Be Creative.


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