Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Weekend in KC

This past weekend, my friend (who also happens to be my roommate for the summer!) Natasha and I took a trip to Kansas City to see our friends Kelsie and Lauren. We hopped in the car after we got off work Saturday and made the hour and forty-five minute drive down I-70 West. So close to Columbia, yet it seemed like worlds away. It was a great weekend getaway.

We spent Friday evening at Kelsie's house. She lives about 30 minutes outside the city. We enjoyed a delicious dinner on her deck, which had a beautiful view. We spent lots of time laughing, reminiscing,  and catching up. We also made puppy chow!

Kelsie's gorgeous view!

On Saturday, we woke up and ate breakfast at Kelsie's and headed into the city. Lauren lives in the Southern part of the city, a few blocks from the Plaza shopping area and just a little bit East of the state line. We dropped our bags at Lauren's place and then headed over to the Plaza to do a little shopping. It's a gorgeous area, and it also helped that the weather was perfect! We popped in and out of stores, and stopped to take pictures. We had to make a pit stop at Kaldi's to get some coffee because Kelsie was barely alive. 

The Plaza

Pit stop at Kaldi's

A picture in front of one of the many fountains in KC.

After our coffee break we browsed in a few more stores (including J.Crew, where I decided my next purchase has to be the Downtown Field Jacket in navy)  and then decided we were hungry. We headed to a grocery store near the UMKC campus and picked up a few things for a picnic: baguette, swiss cheese, turkey, pasta salad, and cookies. Lauren took us to the Nelson-Atkins museum of Art and we enjoyed our picnic outside in the sculpture garden and walked around afterwards. 

A shuttlecock sculpture at the Nelson

Pulling a Blair and Serena on the steps of the Nelson

After we left the Nelson, we went to TJ Maxx and did some thrifting at Goodwill. Kelsie scored a jean jacket and an 80s Columbia pullover, and Lauren found the cutest Mudpie dress! 

Kelso rocking her Columbia

After thrifting, it was nearly 6:00. We headed north to downtown to eat at La Bodega, a Spanish tapas restaurant. The atmosphere was great and the food was delicious. I ordered the Spanish short ribs.

Spanish short ribs

Great food, great friends!

We paid the bill and hopped in Lauren's car to head to the Liberty Memorial, a WWI memorial overlooking Downtown KC. Sunset was coming, and it was a marvelous way to see a stunning view of the city. I would be interested in coming back and going to the actual museum.

Taking it in

Mizzou girls in the city

Roomies for the summer! 
(I'm wearing J.Crew critter shorts from forever ago, an Old Navy perfect tee, and a J.Crew Jackie cardigan)

After the Liberty Memorial, we walked down the hill to take a look inside Union Station, and then went to nearby park to look at the city from another angle. Our night ended with a quick dip in a fountain along Ward Parkway (KC is the City of Fountains, after all!) (Thanks, Lo!)

A fun ending to an eventful day!

On Sunday, we woke up and enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast (Thanks, Mrs. Taylor!) and walked to Lauren's parish a few blocks away for Mass. We left the city around 11:15 to drop Kelsie off at her house and head back to CoMo.

I had a great weekend in KC visiting Kelsie and Lauren. I hope to come back soon!

Just a little less than a month until all of our friends are reunited at the Zou!

Have you been to KC?

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