Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend! 

The weather was near perfect: Not sweltering or humid, but not too cool. 

I didn't have to close at work on Friday night, and only had to work Saturday morning.

On Saturday, my grandparents came into town, we went to Mass, and then had a super fun girls' Pinterest night.

Sunday morning brought breakfast on the terrace at the Country Club, my other set of grandparents coming into town, my sister's senior voice recital, and a delicious dinner on the patio with my grandparents and Aunt.

Perfect summer weekend.

Pinterest Night

Earlier this year, we started to put together girls' nights where all of us girls would get together at someone's house, eat dinner (everyone would bring a dish to pass), and watch a movie. Recently, I decided it would be super fun to all get together to do a "Pinterest craft" for our dorm rooms.

We got together on Saturday and tried out "Sharpie Mugs" that have been floating around Pinterest.

From my Instagram: All the completed mugs. They turned out great!

We had so much fun customizing our mugs and it was so easy to do! There was minimal smearing and smudging. All of us found our mugs for under $5, and I bought multi packs of Sharpies at Walmart for like $4.00. Such a fun project and not a lot of money required! That's what I'm talking about.

We spent the night talking about boys, college orientations, traveling, and dorm decorating. 
We also watched The Uninvited.

Hannah's Voice Recital

My sister Hannah has been taking voice lessons for five years now. She has an AMAZING voice and I am so proud of her. She has had leads in the school musical the past two years, and has had several solos at school choir concerts. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, but she is also an entertaining performer.

On Sunday, she had her senior voice recital. She and her voice teacher worked very hard to put together a program featuring thirteen songs, ranging for Taylor Swift to West Side Story. 

It was beautiful.

Our family, close family friends, and high school friends came to watch. What a great performance.

 Hannie singing during her recital

Natalie and I with my Grandma and Grandpa Russell before the recital

Hannie's adorable outfit: She got her dress at a little boutique in Charlottesville, VA.

Summer Sundays call for Pink, Green, and Lilly Pulitzer
J.Crew Popover (striped version here
Lilly Pulitzer Skort (old)
Lilly Pulitzer Clutch (my mom's) (old)

From my Instagram: I love the crocodile detail on the clutch!


How was your weekend? What adventures did you go on? What did you eat? What did you make? Let me know!

Stay Stylish. Stay Classy. Be Creative.


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