Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let's Take a Swim

The first official day of summer has come and gone, and we are now into the month of July. 
Summer is cruising by at an alarming rate!

Personally, I have only been to the pool TWICE this summer! And, I have been up to my family's lake cabin once, but no, I did not jump in the water. 

It's already the Fourth of July, and I've barely dipped my toes in the water. 

In my defense, It's probably because I have been working 30+ hours a week at my restaurant job. 
But I digress, something needs to change, and during the month of July, I'm vowing to get to the pool for some R&R a little more often.

What better way to motivate myself than with a new swimsuit and pool accessories?

So, whether you've been living at the pool so far this summer, or, like me, have barely made an appearance, here are my top picks for bathing suits and the like. Shop on!

(This look is perfect for the 4th of July!)

(I love this one-piece! Perfect if you desire a bit more coverage, but it's still super sleek, and the buttons on the side are really fun!)

Pineapple print bikini top and bottoms (I'm in love!)

Chevron print bikini top and bottom

Polka dot bandeau top and bottoms

Where do you usually buy swimwear? Have you had time to go to the pool this summer? I want to know!

Stay Stylish. Stay Classy. Be Creative.


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